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Hello Sierra View residents and friends! 


March is here with the freshness of spring, bringing exciting celebrations and new additions to our community! Read more to find out about fun upcoming events, ways to get involved in activities and how we plan to celebrate the early Spring holidays. We hope to see you making the most of what our special community has to offer, especially taking advantage of the opportunities available to go out on the town and new additions to the calendar! We have some exciting news ahead.

Get ready to shamrock and roll here at Sierra View at our St. Patrick’s Day bash on March 15th! Of course we will celebrate with our annual St. Patty’s day traditions with Celtic music and green beer. It’s a perfect day for green attire and Irish cheer!

This Easter lands on March 31st, so it is springing up like a bunny rabbit. Keep an eye out for them and you might just find some expertly hidden Easter eggs in your room. Enjoy crafts and stories, making it an egg-stra special day for everyone.

National Holidays

  • International Women’s Day (March 8th). In the resident council we will be putting together a craft project for all the Sierra View Ladies. This means we need to brainstorm and create an idea to make all the ladies feel special. Don’t worry though gentlemen! We will have a special day for you all too! 

  • St. Patrick’s Day Celebration (March 15th)

  • First Day of Spring (March 20th). Spring can’t wait this year. It’s already time to bring pastel shades, vivid brights, earthy neutrals and classic whites back into your wardrobe.

  • Easter (March 31st). Easter Sunday will be early this year. We will have a special Easter lunch on Sunday and you 

The last day to register to vote for the Presidential Primary Election was February 20, 2024. Make sure to mail in your ballot before March 5th, 2024. 

A big, hearty welcome to our new volunteers! Their zest and helping hands will invigorate our activities and events. Let’s brainstorm fun and engaging ways to integrate their fresh ideas into our community. 

Please sign up for field trips with the Activities Team or on the door of the activities room. You can make appointments with the Care Staff at the front desk. If you need special accommodations for a wheelchair, we can make arrangements for Nevada County Connect to give you a lift in their wheelchair accessible van bus. Based on our community interests the Activities Director will plan trips and make special arrangements based on the consensus of each week. This month the scheduled trips are to Coffee, Coco’s Creamery to go in on, a shopping trip to run errands, and the 49er Bridge.


Look forward to breakfast on Wednesday’s from here on out. We will gather round to read the Police Blotter highlights of the week at 9am. We will read the best National reports, local highlights and funniest stories with Farren.

Let’s make this a month full of warmth, community, and celebration!

Warm regards,

Sierra View 

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