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February Newsletter

NEWSLETTER to our Families and Friends

Dear Families and Friends,

An exciting month is ahead of us. February is full of love for our residents. We plan to make the most of every moment with lots of visiting, parties, games, and music. Slowly but surely our Cupid angels are decorating the living spaces we all know and love in flowers, hearts, and candy. Mardi Gras reminds us to make the most of our time here before we get ready to reach our goals, and get back to the grind. Some people may choose to make sacrifices, some may choose to commit to long term goals and commitments. No matter your struggle just know we are in it together. Something we do so well at Sierra View is standing by one another in both times of good fortune and in times of need.

We encourage you to check out our new website which is interactive for families and friends to make a reservation to join us for a meal, RSVP to upcoming events, or inform you of any activities you may want to be a part of. Check it out!

The upcoming newsletters in 2023 to families and friends will have opportunities for participation and our 2023 resident newsletter will be similar with some more detail. We encourage families and friends to review dates and upcoming events or appointments with their loved one at Sierra View Senior Living in order to assist staff with reinforcing memory for these important details. It helps hearing and seeing information from many different people and in many different places to make strong neurological connections and keep our minds sharp. Agendas, calendars, clocks and journals are all great ways to stay sharp and remember important dates and appointments!

Please note the music, events, and crafts on the calendar are opportunities we hope to see friends and families able to join in. This month we will be making handmade Valentine’s cards and Mardi Gras masks. After Valentines Day we will be turning our red rose centerpieces into DIY potpourri. Over the course of two weeks we will hang dry roses upside down, turn them into flakes and then put them in small scent pouches. We will have a Valentine's Day lunch and concert on February 12th as well as a Super Bowl celebration with nacho bar at 3:30 PM that same day. Or join us for pizza that evening! (Call ahead 3-5 days in advance if you plan to join.) On February 21st we will have a Mardi Gras‘s happy hour and parade, complete with handmade masks and colorful beads. All we ask is that you keep your tops on!

There are several upcoming music events to make note of including some of the classics like Jim Huff on the piano and Carol Meal on the ukulele. The concert will feature a special violinist during Valentine's Day Lunch. Please RSVP for Valentine’s Day lunch, email, or call ahead 3-5 days in advance to make sure your reservation is ready in time. Email:


Sierra View Senior Living

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