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Dorothy McNutt Turns 100!

Join us in celebrating the 100th birthday of Dottie McNutt, a remarkable lady who has touched the lives of so many. Born on May 16th in 1923, Dottie has spent a century spreading joy through her love of family, friendship, and a life full of adventure.

Dottie is a resident at Sierra View. Her daughter is Bonnie McNutt Bradt, and her son in law is Peter Bradt, who have lived in Grass Valley for 23 years. Dottie's son is Rob McNutt, living in Eugene, Oregon. Dottie’s grandson is David Bradt, living in Valencia, California.

Throughout her life, Dottie has always been the kindest of people, and her infectious laughter and positive energy have made her a beloved figure among her family and friends. She is known for her quick wit, sharp mind, and kind heart, and has inspired many with her resilience and determination.

Dottie was born in Pennsylvania in a little town called Vandergrift, just like her mother, husband and children. She lived there for most of her young life before moving to California, where she lived in San Mateo, Claremont, Moraga, and several places in Marin. She spent almost 50 years of her life in Los Robles Mobile Park in Novato, California in Marin County. Dottie was very involved in the community there and had many friends.

In her married life, Dottie and her husband, Jock McNutt, traveled the world and had many adventures together. As a small town Vandergrift girl, Dottie was the equivalent of a homecoming queen in the late 40s. They went to school together, their families knew each other, and they were even born 4 days apart in the same town. Interestingly, Mr. McNutt knew Dottie was the one, even though when he came home from the war, she was engaged to someone else! He simply wouldn't take no for an answer and convinced the gorgeous and wonderful, Dottie, that they were meant to be, he proposed to her and they had a 3-month engagement before getting married. They were married for almost 60 years.

Jock owned an employment agency for 30 years, where Dottie ran the show as the receptionist. They were a great working team but they also loved vacationing every chance they got, in Hawaii. They almost moved to Hawaii, but ended up deciding to stay in California because they loved being close to their family. She's been to Hawaii, Fiji, Hong Kong, China, and all over the USA.

In addition to being an amazing woman, Dottie was also a kind and patient mother. One time, young Bonnie and Bob woke her up in bed to show their parents the darling mice they had trapped to feed her pet snake. Even then, Dottie remained relatively calm despite her absolute terror of mice, and she did not scream. But almost! She didnt mind the snake. Dottie's kindness and patience have left a lasting impact on her family and friends, and we are so grateful for her.

Please join us in celebrating Dottie’s 100th birthday! Dottie is never one to make a big fuss about herself but she recognizes her accomplishment in thriving through a whole century of life. She is an inspiration to all of us and we are grateful for the joy she has brought into our lives. Cheers, Dottie!

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