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Hello Sierra View peeps! 

We have lots to look forward to in the month of September! Not only do we say goodbye to Summertime but we say hello to Fall… it’s a bittersweet time since we love the way the leaves change color and the air gets cooler but we miss long summer nights and luau’s for lunch! 

This September you better warm up those vocal cords and get ready for a afternoon full of song. Whether you’re a super star or shower singer— Karaoke is all about letting loose and having fun. So join us for Happy Hour Tuesday, September 5th to sing your heart out. Make your song requests to Bridget and she will load up your song ahead of time. Everyone will sing along to lyrics on the television, so don’t worry if you’re shy. 

There are several important dates and reminders for the month of September, including:

Labor Day (first Monday in September) September 4th- a holiday that honors the contributions and achievements of our American workers.

September 5th- Karaoke at Happy Hour!!!

Grandparents Day (second Sunday in September) September 10th- a day to celebrate and recognize the important role that grandparents play in our lives.

Patriot Day (September 11) - a national day of remembrance for the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001.

Constitution Day (September 17) - a day to commemorate the signing of the United States Constitution in 1787.

National Falls Prevention Awareness Day, September 23rd- a day to raise awareness about the importance of fall prevention for older adults.

September 25th-Gent’s Gathering

September 30th- Oktoberfest Celebration 

In addition to these dates, there are several reminders to keep in mind for the month of September. For example, it's a good time to start preparing for flu season by getting vaccinated, washing hands frequently, and staying home when sick. September is also a good time to check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as to make sure your emergency preparedness kit is up to date. 

It's important for everyone to mark important dates in your calendars, such as upcoming social events, health appointments, and recreational activities that align with your interests and hobbies, so that you can stay engaged and connected. Resident council will be held mid way through the month so that residents may contribute to calendar and activities for the upcoming months ahead. Guys, mark your calendars for A Gent’s Gathering near the end of the month. Wear some comfortable work attire and make your way to the lobby at 4pm for a social hour with activities and snacks. Ladies, don’t feel left out, the following week we will don our lederhosen as a clan and celebrate Oktoberfest! Feel free to invite others to come too on September 30th at 2:45pm. 

Finally, seniors may want to mark dates for social events and activities, such as attending exercise classes, playing BINGO with friends, or participating in a craft or gathering. By staying connected with others and active in activities you enjoy, seniors of ages can improve their mental and physical wellbeing. We love to see our residents happy and engaged!

Unfortunately we say farewell to our wonderful, cheery Connie who we will miss dearly. Connie always reminds us to find the positive side to life, even when things get hard—keep fighting on! She passed peacefully August 31st in the evening. We will miss her tenacious spirit making her way through the halls, spreading smiles and laughter. Rest In Peace Connie. 


Sierra View Senior Living

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